Tips for Trimming and Effective Tree Pruning

OC Arborists Tree Tips

Pruning plays a crucial role in maintain a healthy tree. Improper pruning can introduce structural weakness or invite decay. Not pruning enough allows the tree canopy to become heavy and thick preventing wind from flowing through. This results in the canopy acting like a sail, catching the wind.

Knowing the basics of pruning and trimming is important, considering that such processes can either damage or improve your trees. There are actually a variety of trimming tips and pruning techniques that are great in keeping your trees in healthy shape.

Tip #1
In pruning, remember to promote new growth and better air circulation by cutting away the branches that cross or run against other branches. Meanwhile, trim branches that could cause danger to the public. For instance, clear branches that are too long that they interfere with pedestrians and electricity wires.

Tip #2
Do not be afraid to make the cut. It is important to keep in mind that a simple pruning can do great things for your plants and trees. The risk of over trimming may be high, but once you learn how to do it properly, the results can be very rewarding. In return, you will have healthier and more beautiful-looking trees, more flowers and thicker foliage.

Tip #3
To keep your plants and trees healthy and in shape, it is crucial to know exactly when to prune. Use a seasonal guide to plan your gardening calendar ahead of time.

Tip #4
Lateral branches should be kept as evenly spaced as possible. This is especially true for young plants.

Tip #5
Never remove more than one-third of the living crown; otherwise, the tree may not be able to produce strong branches. Instead, maintain branches on at least two-thirds of the height of the tree. But remember; reduce the crown only if it is truly necessary.

Tip #6
Should you decide to remove more than half of the foliage, just remove the whole branch. If you insist otherwise, you’ll soon find your trees growing weak and insufficient.