Why You Need Professional Tree Services

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Tree Care Services

Did you know that your trees sometimes need help in thriving? Does your property need tree services? Many homeowners often see their trees as little more than ornamental, not realizing that a strong, established tree can add overall value to their property. Some estimates are a 3-20% increase in property value. 

And just like your property, investing in strong sturdy trees will reward you in beauty and value. Making use of professional, Certified Arborists for tree trimming, tree care, and removal can be one of the best decisions for the long-term vitality and worth of your property.

Tree Trimming and Pruning Are A Science, and An Art.

We get it, homeownership can come with a lot of expenses and you want to save some money by forgoing professional tree services and performing tree services yourself.

Unfortunately, there really is an art and science to tree trimming that requires an in-depth knowledge of tree biology and training.

Too many homeowners wait until an unruly tree causes or incurs damage from storms.

While it’s true that no amount of professional tree services can prevent a tree from becoming damaged during incremental weather, it can significantly reduce the possibility of the tree causing harm to your home and property. 

Professional management ensures the landscape is beautiful, healthy and your tree(s) are not a safety risk to your home.  

So, what happens when DIYers try to do a certified arborist’s job themselves?

Thinking of DIYing instead of using a tree service with certified arborists? Serious damage to the well-being of your trees, as well as loss of aesthetics, can be the result. This is because overcutting or undercutting can have long-term negative results. In addition, making permanent changes to the tree canopy can have an undesirable effect on how the tree continues to grow. As well, not all plant diseases which require treatment are initially visible, meaning they can continue unnoticed becoming detrimental to the tree. 

Safety is another concern for the untrained person trying to perform tree services. Falling branches, deep splinters, overstraining injuries, and even electrical wires can all pose a threat to the untrained individual.

A tree service company management is your best bet for healthy trees and landscapes. Check out what services we offer here: https://ocarborists.com/services/

Seasonal Tree Risks

With each season comes various risks and the need for tree services. Some problems can be more cosmetic while many are serious risks to tree vitality and health.


The wet and warm nature of spring can bring fungus-related diseases, as well as viruses, bacteria, and insect transferred diseases, which can be cumbersome to eradicate.


The summer can bring pests that can cause physical damage from eating and burrowing.


In the fall, temperature shifts and rain can promote several types of tree disease making your tree(s) more vulnerable to damage as they shift into energy-saving mode, moving into winter to go into dormancy.


A weak and sick tree is less likely to make it through the harshness of winter.

Not just a tree problem

It is worth noting that a sick tree can actually have a big impact on the health of your entire yard and landscape. Some diseases and pests can infect other plants causing a snowball effect of issues that require a tree expert company, shrub care, and plant care services to resolve. 

Simplify Life with Tree Services

Life is already hectic and can be stressful. Keeping up with work, school, and everyday happenings is enough to keep the average family busy.

Using a tree service and care company can really save you time and money in the long run. Having a plan of action, keeping your property at its peak health, tree removal, and reducing potential risks from fallen branches are all benefits of using professional arborist management. Additionally, this allows families to use the limited time they have away from work and school to spend together. Get a quote today at https://ocarborists.com/contact/

Got Trees? OC Arborists Can Help

OC Arborists provides a wide range of services to help in the management of your trees. Our commercial and residential tree service can help to keep your trees in peak health while protecting or even increasing your property’s worth over time.

Not the new kids on the block

Tree care by OC Arborist comes with 37 years of professional tree service experience! At OC Arborists tree service is a passion, led by ISA-certified arborists and experts in the field. 

Find out how OC Arborists can help you achieve a beautiful and lasting residential or commercial treescape. If you’d like further information please visit our website at: https://ocarborists.com/